Congratulations on your purchase of the IGM-USBV92 modem.

The chart shows products that work with the HXII-USB Modem. It does not represent UL Listed Compatibility.
Table 1
To ensure you achieve the best results please download the custom modem drivers to ensure 100% operation.
The drivers are available for both 32 & 64bit operating systems.
Please visit http://www.raytelonline.com/bosch to select the appropriate driver.
Installation instructions
1) After downloading the appropriate driver, open the folder and run the setup.exe.
2) Once the Driver is installed, plug in your new USB modem and configure using the initialization strings listed below.
Initialization Strings:
Panel Type Reset String Init String
2000 series AT&F AT&C1&D2X0&Q0S7=255S9=0+MS=B103
7200 Series AT&F AT&C1&D2X0&Q0S7=255S9=0+MS=B103
9000/G/GV2/GV3(v8.0x)/B1 Series AT&F AT&C1&D2X0&Q0S7=255S9=0+MS=B103
China Commercial Series AT&F AT&CI&D2X0&Q0S7=255S9=0+MS=B103B17
D6112/D4112 AT&F AT&C1&D2X0&Q0S7=255S9=0+MS=B103B17
D6412/D4412 AT&F AT&C1&D2X0&Q0S7=255S9=0+MS=B103
D8112 Series AT&F AT&C1&D2X0&Q0S7=255S9=0+MS=B103B17
Easy Series AT&F AT&C1&D2X0&Q0S7=255S9=0
GV3 (v8.1x 300 baud only) Series AT&F AT&C1&D2X0&Q0S7=255S9=0+MS=B103
GV4 Series AT&F AT&C1&D2X0&Q0S7=255S9=0+MS=B103
Solution Series AT&F ATE0&C1&D2X0&Q0S7=255S9=0+MS=V21



If you require any assistance please email usbsupport@raymarinc.com
You may be prompted for your product serial number; this is available on the bottom of the unit.